What is it?


After feeling physically bloated and tired, basically like a bubble of oil, for so long I’ve decided to give this challenge a try.

So what is it?

Japan is famous for being home to people much leaner than in all other countries. While most of us choose to feel jealous of them while stuffing crackers into our faces others  rather choose to study what makes them so lean.

There are many theories being brought to the table but there’s one that I feel makes a lot of sense or at least one that I think would be able to fit into the lifestyle of almost anyone (so stop worrying, you won’t have eat rice for the rest of your life).

Historians report that for centuries Japanese women have been drinking 4 glasses of water as soon as they wake up, as in on an empty stomach. That’s it.

Could this be one of the reasons they have such a glowing complexion, slim waist and always look zen?


Well for the next 30 days I’m  going to be following this…er…ritual… and drinking 2 big glasses of water straight after waking up, on an empty stomach (from there the day continues as normal) and reporting the results at the end.

So I’ll be back with the results at the end of the 30 days.

Cheers for now! 🙂


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