Pre-Challenge Thoughts


Why on earth would I want to leave the vast network we call the internet with all of its opportunities, knowledge and connections that I have access to free off charge (thanks dad).

Lets be honest, I’ve found that like most people, I, never appreciate what I have. So basically even though I have unlimited opportunity to become as smart as Steve Jobs via all the knowledge that the internet offers I  choose to waste majority, if not all, of my time looking up articles and watching videos that are useless to me.

But then when I see someone going to a top business university I say “oh, if only I had that opportunity I would make so much use of my resources.”. Putting my ego of the back burner I can take an honest look a what would probably happen if I did and guess what, I’d probably be like the 80% of those students leaving assignments for last minute and wishing the had the opportunity to do something other than study at one of the top business schools.

Ironically the less one has something the more they tend to appreciate and make use of it. So that’s where my inspiration for this challenge came from. Maybe if I only allow myself 2 hours of screen time for the next 30 days I’ll find I use it a lot more productively than ever before.

Perhaps I’ll even have time to go outside and say hello to my long forgotten friends, the trees…

I’ll be back with the results of doing this challenge at the end (after all, with only 2 hours of screen time per day I won’t have time to go on screen to talk about life off screen).


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