In my last 5 years of schooling (or as I felt, prison) I was always wishing my life was different. Free of responsibilities, studying, waking up at 6am… I wanted to have all the time in the world to do whatever I felt like doing.

During my final year, as I had no firm idea on what I wanted to do after school, I knew I’d be taking a gap year. And oh how I looked forward to it. While struggling to hand in projects or study for finals I pictured how much better life would be as soon as I entered this gap year.

Well, school ended and so began my gap year. Now, 3 months into it, I can tell you this:

Life is not great.

Going to bed at 12am and waking up at 12pm has lost its novelty. I’m constantly filled with fear for my future. I thought having all the time in the world to myself would mean life would be good.

But I’ve realized that life can never be good when you are wasting your time with things that do not help you grow.

“Life is wasted on the youth” they say. I was proving this statement to be true.

But no longer.

No, I am not here blogging about how I’ve found my life’s purpose and am earning huge income, changing lives etc. I’m still on a journey to get to that point. Right now I’m here because I’ve decided that I’m going to make this gap year count. I’m going to live life fully in the present, growing day by day.

It’s easy to make such claims but how do you do so when you are living with your parents, mostly at home and on a budget? For me the answer is now clear, 21 day challenges.

Challenges that I’ve found either online of have created. Challenges that focus on helping one grow, exit their comfort zone and discover and learn new and awesome things.

This blog holds me accountable.

I invite you to join me as I share my experience and knowledge gained while completing challenges this year.

My biggest hope is that this blog will inspire you to take on challenges that you think will help you grow and stick to them for a planned duration.

Cheers to self improvement!

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