Day 13, Trek Travel Guide


Unlike the rest of my researched careers this one was invented by an individual and innovative company called Trek Travel (go figure).



I found out about it from a site called and they drew me in with their description of a Trek Tour Guide:


The Trek Travel Guides are solely focused on providing the vacation of a lifetime. They have an intoxicating zest for life, are insightful, quirky and, from cartoon designers and bike couriers to engineers and lawyers, they come from a variety of backgrounds that have shaped their charismatic personas. 

They are magicians, able to transform from grease to grace. One moment they are wrenching on bikes or appearing exactly when needed with a beverage, and the next they are eloquently explaining the intricate history of each hilltop village or confidently pairing two-star Michelin meals with the perfect local wine. With intimate knowledge of the landscape, they can suggest the best route to match any riding ability. What sets them apart from the rest is their infinitely accommodating, fun and flexible attitude. They live by the motto “Your Day, You Decide” and will attempt anything to ensure that every trip is a trip of a lifetime. ”


Cycling, traveling the world, going to exotic, memorable and luxurious destinations, helping people have a great time…

I had to find out what went into becoming one of these oh-so-graciously-described workers!


Personality and skills required for this position:

Socially one has to have excellent communication, interpersonal, leadership and listening skills (as most guide jobs must). Resourcefulness, cultural awareness, safety-focus and a knack for troubleshooting are other very important requirements. One tricky thing to obtain that is required is establishment in one or more foreign languages. Lastly one must be a cycling fanatic with a high level of fitness and cycling endurance as well as a pro bicycle mechanic.

Sound like a long list to meet? Here’s one more piece of inspiration that might motivate you to meet it anyway:


How to get into this career:

As this career is dependent on the company there are no universal instructions as to how to become a Trek Travel Guide (except for meeting the skills and personality required for this position). But if you are liking the sound of this job there’s great news: They have their own employment page giving you the lowdown on how to be one (and in fact much more information too)!

Well what are you waiting for, go check it out here.


The working hours:

Guides work extremely flexible hours and can sometimes end up going to bed past midnight and waking up at 5am. These hours will be spend alongside 2 or more Guides to help with the work load.


The pay:

According to their site you get paid $75 USD  daily guide rate plus $25 USD for your own food. Additionally, when clients (or as they say, guests) like your service, they may give you gratuities of about 7-10% of what their tour cost.


The pros:

-You are getting paid to cycle (keep fit) and travel the world (goodbye slouchy office job).

-During your working contract your accommodation is paid for.

-Your Family members (as well as yourself) get discounts on Trek Travel Tours.

-You are working with passionate, and vibrant co-workers to help clients have a life-changing experience.

-Overall it is very exciting work.


The cons:

-Long, strenuous hours.

-At the end of the day you earn and underwhelming pay.

-Trek Travel Guides don’t get many employee benefits (eg. no health insurance coverage)

-There have been complaints from ex-employees that the upper-management is too money driven to care for the welfare of the employees (eg. no work-life balance).


My conclusion and rating on this career:

I think what this company is doing is really inspiring and exciting to travel and live vicariously through your work. It sounds like the ideal job for a younger human with few commitments. However for most established adults with a family the poor work life balance could lead to problems. Also not having health insurance is worrying as the Guides are cyclists (does the word “danger” not ring bells). Taking all of this into account I settle the rating for being a Trek Travel Guide at 7/10.

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