Why Scientists Recommend 8 Hours Of Sleep + Challenge Intro


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Welcome to the beginning of The Sleeping Challenge!


Sleep and Challenge aren’t usually words that go in the same sentence, I understand your confusion. But when it comes to when we actually go to bed and when we wake up, I-and I’m sure I’m not alone- always find it difficult to stay disciplined and follow the advice of getting a good nights sleep.

You know? That advice that scientists give: getting 8 hours of sleep in the same time slot each day.

For most of us when we sleep it’s a 9am-10am here and a 2am-6am there. This challenge is me actually following their advice properly for 21 days. Going to bed at 11pm and waking up at 7am. Apparently many health benefits come from doing this. So I’m going to be the guinea pig and experience whether or not they actually do.

As this Challenge is more experiential than one of research, I feel justified to include a professional health sites opinion on the benefits of 8 hour sleep, instead of my own.

Click here to find out what one of the leading health sites, Healthline.com has to say about the benefits of 8 hour sleep in the same time slot each day.

Here is the introduction video to The Sleep Challenge:

As you are on this page you just have to scroll up to “click here” to find out the benefits of 8 hour sleep.

Every week I’ll post one of these videos to track the progress so we can discover once and for all if 8 hour sleep in a specific time frame actually benefits us more than irregular sleep

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