Week 3



You know what, today a week ago I was feeling like a lazy blob of oil but now I’m feeling relatively balanced and infact rather happy and energetic. Still really hungry though. I’ve noticed a pattern in my hunger is that it spikes up between 10AM and 4PM and then dies away almost completely so I was hoping 8 hour sleep would change that. So far it hasn’t. But lets go back to feeling good about the other slight improvements!



I have started the 2 hour screen challenge (check it out) so I have little time to write. Definitely had a lot more energy than normal today though. My whole body didn’t feel as achy as it usually does. Hmmm. Overall I just felt more focused and happy. No complaints (except for the 10AM to 4PM hunger and then a mild crying session at 10PM-this happens on a regular basis). 🙂



Had a really productive mindset in the morning hours of today which is strange! Also, I got called for a casting job so my mood was high in the sky. My hunger levels weren’t as high as usual which was hard for me to believe-could this be the day that 8 hour sleep finally tamed the beast… Overall today was an 8/10 day, the last 2 points got lost when I had a mild crying session at 10PM-this happens on a regular basis but still, come on where are the stable emotions they talked about. 🙁



Getting up when the alarm goes off isn’t a problem anymore. Neither is energy really, except for the mid-afternoon slump. The problem of a gigantic appetite exists. I guess the benefits of sleep are different for everyone. Sorry, I’m in a bit of a bad mood now so I’m looking at things a bit negatively. Mood has improved a little though and I feel more daring than usual because I have so much more time to be productive.



I can never be told enough to not take things for granted. Today I found it hard to get out of bed, winter is approaching and the land beyond my blanket was freezing. I lay in bed on my phone for a few minutes before conjuring up the courage to face the icey air. The day was really productive though. Having so much more time and not being on a screen for more than 2 hours a day is having a huge and positive impact in my daily life. I was in a great mood all day untill 9 PM when I felt a bit sad for almost no reason. Overall great and productive day untill 9 PM’s meltdown.



Today I got out of bed as soon as the alarm went off, knowing it was the second last time I would be doing this as a challenge. At this point the groggy morning feeling is almost completely non-existent. I get up and get straight to the tasks I want to do without thinking twice. It was also a calm day emotionally which was nice for a change. Honestly I don’t know if I’m imagining things but if I look at the past week I can see a vast improvement in my energy levels. Overall a great day. One more day to go and then begins the tolling up of daily entries for the final results of this challenge!



Like clockwork the alarm goes off and I’m up getting into the tasks of the day. I can’t help shake this happy proud feeling I have for sticking through with the sleeping challenge. I can honestly see that my energy levels have improved, productivity levels increased and today I’m feeling good emotionally. The hunger is usually still quite high but today I’m feeling completely satisfied after each meal. This isn’t to say that all the supposed benefits of 8-hour sleep have arrived (consistently lowered hunger levels, memory improvement and better emotional stability) but some certainly have (increased energy levels and productivity) and for that I’m ecstatic. 🙂 ALSO some theories go that it takes longer for bodies to adjust to this sleep pattern and feel its benefits so I’m just going to try continue implementing it in my life and hope for the best. I have nothing to loose!

The results video will be released soon. 🙂


The video has been released 😀




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