Week 2



The day is going horribly. Is it just me that crashes after a long weekend full of socializing. I basically felt like a lemon squeezed dry and on top of this I’m craving junk food like no tomorrow. It’s fair to say that sleep or no sleep one should not over indulge in junk food, you just want more. And that’s just the case for me. I woke up at 7AM, stood up at 7:34 and then I just kept having more and more junk and feeling drained. Later I read a study that said sleep can only make you feel different if you are filling your body with the right things so I decided that from here on out I need to make more nutritious food choices.



Finally I’m having a relatively good day mentally. I think this has a direct relationship to me eating more nutritiously. Alarm went off at 7AM, I stood up at 7:14 and got straight to some laptop work. I felt really hungry especially around lunch but not once after that (almost forgot to eat supper). I also notice that my complexion is looking clearer than normal, especially seeing as I just went through a weekend of junk food. Overall it’s been a semi-productive day and I even went to the gym despite all forces pulling against me. It was pleasant. Still felt a bit fatigued though.



The alarm goes off at 7 AM. It’s relatively easy to get up straight away and plonk on the piano. Today feels… normal. I am feeling a little frustrated because of 3 things: 1.this challenge isn’t making any difference in my life yet 2. I’m starving  3. I don’t know what to do with my day when I have so much time (before this challenge I’d wake up at 11 AM and by 10 PM I’d be in bed binging watching Youtube so I now have much more time to be productive… this wouldn’t be a bad thing if I had lots to do to fill it… ). My energy levels are underwhelming but I made it to the gym. Overall just one of those underwhelming days with minimum concerted effort.



Wow. Today was a blur. Not in the positive way one would say it after having such a great time that time ran away. No. I mean I can’t actually remember much of anything. So I guess this 8-hour sleep isn’t increasing my memory… All I remember is that I got up at 7 AM like a good girl and then my day was dud until I took a cycle to the shops. This was because I finally had some human interaction (I basically live in my dark bedroom). Overall I feel no better than I did before starting this challenge.



I got out of bed at 7:15 AM. Is it easier to get out of bed after 12 days of 8-hour sleep? No. Had a very busy and on-the-go day and at the end I was mentally and physically drained. As a matter of fact, the fatigue started to sink in at 12:30 PM already. And boy was I hungry! Come on! When is the energy arriving? 🙁 Felt quite happy all day though.



Me and mom are the only ones home for the weekend.  I had a really productive day with her today 🙂 I learnt how to sew (Mom’s so excited, she’s already fantasizing about me passing down my newly learnt sewing skills to my kids -wherever they are.), how to make a delicious stew, I played piano… I sadly fell victim to “the afternoon slump” where you just feel like eating junk and napping but I pushed through and now it’s 10:21 PM and I could honestly pass out right now. Really tired. Not so hungry. Also, it felt easy to pay pay attention to my mom’s sewing lesson… Hmm.



Woke up at 7:15AM today for a bit of relief. I’ve been finding my body naturally feels more awake at 7:15AM than 7:00AM, so, maybe, I’m deciding to go on this gut feeling I have to listen to what I think is my bodies natural waking rhythm. It’s the final day of this week and I feel slightly less hungry and slightly more energetic than normal. After 2 weeks of being disappointed in the daily results of this challenge I don’t want to suddenly believe that everything gets better from this point and from here all the supposed benefits of 8 hour sleep come zooming in. That is probably unrealistic. And even today I’m feeling a bit better than usual, looking at the usual levels there isn’t much to celebrate. It’s like a 10 month old waffle becomes an 8 month old waffle. Even though the one is slightly “fresher” they are both still sad and blue (like my mood at this point, ha). Look it’s honestly not like my life is a living hell I’m just a bit disappointed that the results of my challenge are so miniscule at this point. Only one week to go. Lets see what happens.


*Okay seriously. The benefits can come now!*






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