Week 1


Here is the summary clip of week 1 and below lies day to day documentation. Beware, they are not filled with sunshine and daisies…


Alarm went off at 7 am… Stayed in bed till 8 am… IT WAS JUST SO HARD.

But when I eventually stood up I went straight to the piano to start some productive practicing (and intended noise so the rest of the household would wake up too-misery loves company.). Felt really tired the whole day but it was fine. I spent the rest of that day finishing up the last day of The Career Research Challenge, I felt really proud of my work, check it out on the Menu. My hunger levels were 100% normal (as in I felt hungry basically all the time even though I had 3 big meals). But my mood was above average because I had a really productive day AND went for a jog. I happily went to bed at 11pm. Overall: No change whatsoever from the norm except a whole lot more hours to be productive.



I actually stood up at 7am this time (did a mini mental victory dance). Again I went and smashed the piano keys. I felt normal (high levels of) hunger despite having breakfast and a snack until I finally got to my very satisfying lunch. My friend Rebekah randomly showed up and took me shopping with her, I felt happy as I do around my good friends but there was definitely an edge of lethargy inside me. When I got home I felt a little down and so I went for a jog (I felt much better afterwards). I got back and showered in the 30 seconds that Cape Town water restrictions permits me and went to bed. It was harder to find a comfy position and drift off. Usually I stay up in bed on social media till my eyes involuntarily close so this is definitely not what I’m used to. Overall: A little hungrier than normal, the usual subtle mood swings and procrastination. Felt especially tense now that The Career Research has ended and I have to face new, greater tasks (and its precisely because of this that I have to challenge myself, the things that we are scared to face are usually the only things that will help us grow).



7AM. I’m up but not feeling energetic or happy whatsoever. When this happens I usually turn into a selfish, pot-bellied troll who guards the fridge like a hawk. I procrastinated until I realized that “I have 2 hours until going out with my “Guuuurls” for margaritas so I’d better go exercise!” I felt much better after I had burned some energy and went out to have a fun, loud girls night. My mom fetched me early specifically so I could go to sleep at 11PM… TALK ABOUT DEDICATION. It felt like I was in primary school again. I stayed disciplined to my sleep time BUT, very inconveniently, a mosquito decided to choose me as its target so I had to hide under a blanket and only come up for strategic Mosquito spraying moments. I estimate that this lasted for 20 minutes before I was able to relax and drift off. Overall: Moody and hungry. I can honestly say that I slouched around uselessly until my work out. This too is a normal type day in my life…


Getting up at 7AM is a semi routine now so I managed alright. However, I still didn’t feel bounteous amounts of energy and happiness like the scientists said I’d feel after 8 hour sleep (you’ve got 17 days left Scientists). I went to my laptop for some challenge inspiration and research (I also tried to make a pretty Youtube video but it didn’t quite work out so we wont talk about that for a while…hah, you win some you lose some). Felt hungry throughout the day as usual but I ate sweet potato and felt much better.

Okay wait lets talk about this for a moment guys! If there’s only one thing you take away from me doing challenges, this website, ALL OF THIS: Sweetpotato is the best, healtiest, most satiating carb out there. You can’t go wrong with it. EAT MORE SWEET POTATO.

Overall: Felt on edge, tired and grumpy.



I think this has been the worst day so far. I only got out of bed at 8AM even though alarm went off at 7, so much for the semi routine of getting up at 7 (note to self, never take a habit you have for granted). Feels like I’m back at day 1. Okay let’s just say it. Today was not a good day. I felt tired, sad, apathetic, HUNGRY (but then again that tends to happen when you only eat pasta for most of the day-I also had some sweet potato, still felt meh.). Apart from practicing piano and washing windows I just lay on my bed with that dull feeling one has when they don’t know what they are supposed to be doing in life (this feeling comes and goes and I move on, don’t think this is a sob story. It’s just how my day was). Literally I have been laying in bed since 7PM and now its 2 mins to 11 so I must go sleep. Gosh I thought this 8 hour thing helped…


Saturday: *My parents 25th anniversary.

I get out of bed at 7AM feeling really tired, hungry and annoyed. It feels like this 8 hour sleep thing is doing nothing even though I want to believe it will. I unleashed my wrath through another morning piano session. When my family woke up I was even more annoyed. There were lots of preparations to do for the celebration later so it felt like I didn’t have much time to do anything for myself. This made me even more on edge. I wasn’t excited to be thrown into a crowd of my parents friends. When a few people started arriving at 4:30PM, I excused myself for a jog. I ended up going for a walk to a park and just sitting on a Jungle Gym slide, staring dismally at nothing. When I came back it was time to be the wonderful daughter. Honestly, the celebrations were a success and I had a good time! I ate way to much celebration food though (you know: pies, cake, sandwiches. I swear, when there’s a celebration it’s as if the guests ask themselves ask themselves “whats the oiliest, most un-nutritious food I can bring?”). As I lay in bed at 11PM I felt tired and groggy but socially fulfilled. Overall: Definitely didn’t feel happier, less hungry or more energetic than usual. I understand that it’s only the first week but what if all I can testify from this challenge is that it changes nothing…



7am? Nope, my feet only hit the ground at 7:49. I drifted off easier than usual last night yet still felt too tired to get up at 7… This is confusing. Maybe it had something to do with all the junk I ate the previous day but I just felt groggy, moody and HUNGRY. I sat around and nibbled on things until 2PM when I made farewell plans with a friend (she’s moving to “Irrrreland”). That evening another friend came to sleepover. It was awkward having to explain that I couldn’t stay up late with her because of The Sleeping Challenge. Let me tell you, sharing a single bed at 19 is the perfect formula for bad sleep. At some ungodly point I had to get up and fix up a mattress for myself. Needless to say, I was groggy the next morning.

So concludes week one…


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