Day 20, Travel Critic


It’s the second last day of this research challenge! I’m chuffed to say the least. This is honestly my biggest commitment so far this year.

I’ve saved this career for the last stretch as I knew from the start I would need really interesting careers towards the end to motivate me to finish. This one did not disappoint.

Travel Critics are the lucky ones out there who get paid to travel, sight-see, visit restaurants and stay at hotels. Of course there is probably a lot more work to this career (or more on the journey to achieving it) than we would ignorantly like to believe.

Lets find out.

Tasks involved in this job:

Travel Critics travel the world and create reports and itineraries for the destinations they visit. This involves a lot of writing, researching and keeping up with trends. They also have to communicate with and pitch ideas to their employers.


Personality and skills required for this position:

 Literally anyone with a passion for travel, creativity, great skill and experience in writing and reviewing and who can marketing themselves is eligible for this job. It’s that simple.


How to get into this career:

Honestly I don’t think I could lay this process out better than’s How to Become a Travel Critic.

Do yourself a favor and click on the link.


The working hours:

Honestly this amount varies. Depending on your gig (how much content needs to be published), your typing speed the hours vary. A cool part of being a travel critic (in most cases) is that they can create their own working hours.


The pay:

In 2017, the average annual pay of a Travel Critic was estimated to be $$67,117  USD. As this is a freelance career this average applies to all travel critics no matter where they are from.

The pros:

-If you become a well known you will get funded to stay at hotels etc. along with being paid to critique your travels.

-Your work platform is 100% mobile.

-You get to experience diverse cultures, customs, lifestyles (no day is the same).

-If you are able to make it as a Travel Critic your salary is fabulous.


The cons:

-You are often away from home (goodbye till next year family and significant other). One could get lonely.

-It is a cut throat industry; the journey to success in this career is long and hard.

-Being a Travel Critic will not cover all of your bills at first (and often for many years to follow). Many have to balance other jobs with being a Travel Critic.

-Other people could behave spitefully towards you out of jealousy of your career.


My conclusion and rating on this career:

Honestly, this is a dream job. It almost makes me want to cry I want it so badly. Who cares if you’re away from home often for work when this is your work. It definitely seems worth facing the cut throat industry and the many rejections you’ll probably face through it for the position. It’s a 10/10 from me.

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