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Hmm… This is not such a commonly heard title. When I think “recreational” I see someone laying back in the sun on a golf course sipping champagne. Turns out this career can go much deeper than that.

The basic task of a recreational specialist is to guide a group of people through or organize any type of recreational activity such as such as arts and crafts, sports, games, music, dramatics, social recreation, camping, and hobbies.

Recreational specialists can specialize in helping customers benefit in different ways:

Some help clients to have a light hearted time and let off some steam, some help develop team building skills amongst their clients, and some (known as therapeutic recreation specialists (CTRS) work to improve the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of sick or disabled individuals.


Personality and skill requirements for this position:

As this career environment tends to be set in the outdoors one has to be down to earth for this position. You must be confident and able to communicate effectively to both large groups and individuals. Good listening, leadership, problem-solving and speaking skills are a must as well as patience and enthusiasm. Having a passion for helping people to improve mentally means this job could bring you a great sense of fulfillment.


How to break into this career:

While some employers prefer candidates to have psychology or tourism degrees it is possible to start working in this career with no secondary education.This however often means that you will have to work your way up from an entry level position.


The working hours:

Regular working hours are common but some recreation workers, such as camp counselors, may work weekends or irregular hours or may be seasonally employed.


The pay:

The median annual salary in America as of May 2016 was $27,230. In South Africa (my home) a rough estimate stated the annual pay to be R 113,004, rather low for a full time job…


The pros:

-Very tangible results- you are seeing people benefit and become happier daily.

-A relaxing work environment (no cramped office, no stressful deadlines).

-Easy to keep in shape as the work is often physical.

-Employment is projected to grow in the coming years


The cons:

-Below average salary

-Environment conditions for the job are temperamental. For example if there is a drought you’d have to stop offering many of your services and thus your clientele could dwindle.


I found this link very informative while conducting research on this career:



My conclusion and rating on this career:

The idea of working to help people improve themselves while being active and outdoorsy appeals to me. However the pay check underwhelmed me to say the least… In my opinion this job is probably best for those who want to work straight out of high school for a limited time period before figuring out their next step. Therefore I give this career a 6/10.


Day two complete!

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