Day 16, International Flight Attendant


The Bahamas, Paris, Dubai, Thailand… these are just some of the destinations that Flight Attendants get to visit as part of their job.

If you are an independent individual with a passion for travel, this career could prove to be very rewarding for you so read on.

Tasks involved in this position:

Flight Attendants have many duties.

Before working on board an aircraft they must undergo training provided by the employer and attend pre-flight briefings on details of the flight.

On board the flight they must ensure that adequate supplies of refreshments and emergency equipment are on board, assist in cleaning the cabin between flights, demonstrate the use of safety and emergency equipment to passengers, ensure all passengers safety requirements for the flight are met (eg. seat-belt fastened), serve, and sometimes sell, beverages, meals, or snacks, address passengers’ needs (particularly those with special needs), make passengers feel safe even when weather conditions are harsh.

In flight emergencies they may have to perform first aid on passengers or direct passengers to safety.


Personality and skills required for this position:

Personality wise you must be independent and able to make new friends easily, possess good interpersonal, communication and listening skills (this seems to be a trend in the careers I’ve researched). They must have customer-service experience, be attentive (addressing all issues to make sure the flight runs smoothly) and be in good health.

Flight attendants are also required to present a clean and professional appearance (no visible tattoos, unusual hairstyles etc.).









How to get into this career:

Usually 21 (occasionally 19) is the minimum age limit for Flight Attendant application. There are a few airlines that only require you to have a high school certificate but many prefer candidates with a certificate or associate degree programs in flight attendant training. Some airlines have requirements for your appearance (height, weight etc.).

To find employment research Airlines online and go to their career page to see if their job openings and requirements match you and then apply. You will then have to follow a few procedures such as an  interview process (watch the video below to learn how to ace yours), pass a medical exam and finally complete the training provided by the airline.


If you are looking for a career with longevity you would want to apply at airlines such as  Southwest, JetBlue, Alaska, Hawaiian, British Airways etc.

Younger people who aren’t sure about where their long term commitments lie would do better applying at airlines such as Qatar, Emirates, Delta etc.


The working hours:

Due to the round-the-clock nature of this industry this is one of the most difficult aspects to this job. You could be working 12-14 hours per day and very often through nights, holidays and weekends. The many nights you are away from home (whether in a different country or working a night flight) accommodation and food will be supplied by the employer. To say the least, your schedule will not be on par with the majority of the world.

The pay:

Average annual starting salary for flight attendants is $18,000 to $38,000 (depending on the airline and your qualifications) but can your salary can go up to $80,000!


The pros:

-Many employee benefits such as health and life insurance, flying domestically for free, discounts on company flights (some airlines extend this benefit to your family) etc.

-While on the job your accommodation and food requirements are paid for.

-Work schedule is very flexible.

-Free travel, new experiences and new cultures. Who wouldn’t want this?


The cons:

-Jet lag, It’s like you never really get into the rhythm of a particular time zone.

-You are so often away from home that your personal life and family could easily suffer. This can result in loneliness. Read up on a Flight Attendant scenario in which loneliness can surface here.

-This job is not sufficient for personal projects. Forget bringing your keyboard along for the journey. Its either working or being home, playing but not earning, there’s no in between.

-As random as this sounds, your skin will always be dry due to high altitude.

-As a Flight Attendant your lifestyle isn’t that of a 9-5 job, often you will be on reserve and have to report for work after a 24 hour notification.


My conclusion and rating on this career:

Want to travel the world, experience new things and live an upbeat lifestyle? Become a Flight Attendant. Want to settle down, find love and build a family? Don’t become a Flight Attendant. It’s as simple as that. Young, non-committed, single me is pro Flight Attendant lifestyle so it earns an 8/10 rating.

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