Day 12, HR Specialist


Human Resources (HR) is a division in a business that deals with all things employee-related. People who work in this division have the goal is to ensure job satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.



There are different HR positions:

1.HR Generalists focus on all aspects of human resources work but are supervised by HR Managers in larger businesses.

2.HR Managers and Directors oversee the work of all the other HR workers but in small businesses they may be responsible for all the HR tasks of the business (similar to HR generalists).






3.HR Specialists (the position focused on in this report), as their title suggests, specialize in one or few of the following tasks of HR work:

-Recruitment and Selection- These specialists write job advertisements, evaluate resumes, interview candidates and make hiring recommendations to managers.

-Training and Development- These specialists make sure that employees complete training as required and provided by the business.

-Compensation and Benefits- These specialists make sure employees receive proper pay and receive benefits available to them, eg. health insurance.

-Risk Management- These specialists work to minimize risk to the business reputation or employees, eg. physical injury.

-Labor and Employee Relations- These specialists try maintain positive relations between employees and employers to ensure morale and productivity of the business.

-Health and Safety- These specialists work to prevent accidents and illnesses in the workplace.


WorkBC’s Career Trek interviews Matthew on what being an HR Specialist is like:


Personality and skills required for this position:

As this job is people orientated good interpersonal, listening and speaking skills are required. Candidates also require strong decision making skills as there are many labour disputes that they are in charge of solving. Finally they need to be detail orientated to evaluate all staff related issues to the core.


How to get into this career:

Most HR specialists require a bachelors degree in Human Relations, Business or a similar field.

Some positions may require previous work experience too, this can be gained by working as a human resources assistant, in customer service positions, or in other related jobs (you can find these in almost any business).


The working hours:

The majority of HR specialists work regular full time schedules. Often travel (especially in the case of recruitment specialists) is incorporated into their working hours.


The pay:

Currently, the USA median annual salary for an HR Specialist is $49, 146. South African HR Specialist’s salaries average at (this is probably my biggest shock so far) R308,441. Clearly South Africa is in need of HR specialists…


The pros:

-The job growth projection is double the average for most jobs.


-All businesses require HR workers so job availability is everywhere.

-You are helping people to be the best version of themselves in the workplace and the business to achieve its goals; your work is greatly appreciated.

-You only need a bachelors degree for many of the HR positions.

-The salary is fabulous.


The cons:

-You are constantly dealing with the disputes among people in the work place.

-The workload is huge.

-The very high ranking positions in HR require a lot of work experience before accepting a candidate.

-You have to keep the employees up to date with the market competition which could mean giving them additional training (adding to your work load).

-There is a lot of administrative work in store for people in HR (especially newbies).

-You are responsible for ensuring the needs of all workers as well as customers are satisfied, this can be a very hard task.


My conclusion and rating on this career:

Of all the careers I’ve researched so far this is one is safer and more stable than most with its high pay and low competition. However dealing with relational conflict daily is almost 100% guaranteed, this is not something many people (me included) are excited to do (this justifies the high pay check). All in all Human Resource Specialists hold a very important job for ensuring a businesses success. Balancing out the pros and cons of this job I’ve settled on a 6/10 career rating (but if earning money is your main priority in work then this career is ideal).

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